Swarm Guide

Is it a honey bee? Fortunately, it’s simple to distinguish a honey bee from other insects.

These are honey bees:

However, these are not honey bees:

Next, consider if it is actually a swarm of honey bees, or just a hive. This may be important depending on who you contact. A swarm is made exclusively of honey bees. However, a hive includes both honey bees and their home, made of wax comb.

This is a swarm:

In addition to the visual appearance of the insect itself, you can also identify the species by their home.

This is honey bee wax comb:

These are not wax comb:

Now that you’ve identified if it is or is not Honey Bees, consider the following questions.

  • How high is it? Is a ladder required?
  • Is it easily accessible? Can a vehicle get close?
  • Is it in a high traffic area?
  • Is it on your property?
  • Have you sprayed it? Please don’t.
  • How big is it? Is it the size of a baseball, basketball?

Now that you have a better idea of what you’re dealing with, head on over to our swarm list page┬áto contact a beekeeper to help.

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